Publications & Policies

Our poli­cies are reg­u­lar­ly reviewed and all are avail­able for read­ing upon request.
The fol­low­ing poli­cies are made avail­able for your convenience.

School Policies
Anti BullyingBullying Prevention and Intervention
Child ProtectionChild Abuse and Harm Definitions, Identification and Initial Responses
Child ProtectionDetecting, Reporting and Addressing Grooming Behaviours
Child ProtectionDuty to Protect Students from Child Abuse or Harm
Child ProtectionInformation Sharing About Students' Safety and Wellbeing
Child ProtectionMandatory Reporting of Child Abuse Offences to Police
Child ProtectionMandatory Reporting of Child Abuse or Harm to DCJ
Child ProtectionReportable Conduct of Staff, Volunteers and Others
Child ProtectionStaff and Student Professional Boundaries
Child ProtectionWorking with Children Checks
Codes ConductCode of Conduct (Parents and Guardians)
Codes ConductStaff Code of Conduct
Codes ConductStudent Code of Conduct
ComplaintsComplaints Handling Policy
DisciplineStudent Discipline Policy and Procedures
EnrolmentExemption from Attending School Policy and Procedures
EnrolmentStudent Attendance Policy and Procedures
EnrolmentStudent Enrolment Policy and Procedures
OtherApproved System Authority – Needs-Based Funding Arrangement (PDF)
OtherPrivacy Policy
OtherProselytism Policy (PDF)
OtherParent-Guardian Communication and Involvement Policy and Procedures
WhistleblowerHow to Make a Whistleblower Disclosure
WhistleblowerInformation to Provide in a Whistleblower Disclosure
WhistleblowerInternal Reporting and Corrective Action
WhistleblowerKey Roles and Responsibilities
WhistleblowerMaintenance and Review
WhistleblowerManagement of a Person Against Whom a Disclosure is Made
WhistleblowerProtection and Support for Whistleblowers
WhistleblowerReceiving a Disclosure and Conducting an Investigation
WhistleblowerTypes of Conduct to Be Reported
WhistleblowerWhistleblower Policy
WhistleblowerWhistleblower Program Accessibility
WhistleblowerWhistleblower Program Overview and Objectives
WhistleblowerWho Can Blow the Whistle