At Pacif­ic Online Chris­t­ian School, we seek to know you and your fam­i­ly. As in the verse below, we seek to glo­ri­fy God in estab­lish­ing a uni­fied yet diverse com­mu­ni­ty where teach­ing, learn­ing, and serv­ing are prioritised.

For just as each of us has one body with many members, and these members do not all have the same function, so in Christ we, though many, form one body, and each member belongs to all the others.

Romans 12:4-6

To ensure the social and emotional well-being of every student, we connect with students in person during residential sessions as well as every day live & online.

During residentials, we intentionally design opportunities for students to develop in learning teams, where they can share formally and informally. Every other school day, in the morning, we frame each days learning with a live connection to stage leaders. This is a space where students can share any upcoming activities as well as any concerns, if they have needing further information.

It is highly important for students to feel a sense of belonging to our community, and with modern technology, distance is not a barrier.

Online school experiences are planned, resourced, and developed focused on the personal and social approaches outlined below.

Prosper Model

Positivity Relationships Outcomes Strengths Purpose Engagement Resilience

The PROSPER framework was developed to support students and teachers in their efforts to promote positive mental health, wellbeing and resilience.

PROSPER is a whole-school social and emotional learning program that teaches Social and Emotional Learning skills. During residential sessions, we focus on one aspect of the model and intentionally plan lessons to reinforce this concept. The intentional instruction includes evidence-informed coping skills identified that boost students’ sense of wellbeing and help them to act resiliently when faced with challenges and adversity.

PROSPER also aims to develop optimal learning environments that help children experience joy in learning, develop positive relationships and thrive. The PROSPER program is the foundation of our approach to personal and social development across the school. Students (on-site and Distance Education) engage in weekly lessons and activities that focus on Social and Emotional Learning skills.

Academic Planning

This is a school-developed course that allows for greater investment in pastoral care/wellbeing programs from Years 7 to 12. These sessions are also utilised to support students with the development of study skills and improving work habits with the aim of developing the behaviours of life-long learners. Students complete the academic planning modules online and during residential sessions as well as engage with expert guest speakers.

Digital Discipleship

We endeavour to shape a community where students are innovative, create opportunities to serve, and proactively seek ways to honour God in the online environment. We further encourage our students to grow and develop as technologically capable and literate members of our Christian school. In this program, we focus on Serving, Learning and Community.


Purposefully design lessons using resources that stimulate curiosity, where students develop and are encouraged to share their God-given talents. Learners are actively encouraged to dream and design new ways to honour God in the online environment.


We design learning to develop discernment, where students are encouraged to seek truth with the information they gather from the internet. Reliability and authenticity are focus areas for skill development in our digital discipleship program.

Christian Character in Community

Learning happens in partnership with many stakeholders. We will provide online learning opportunities for parents and friends to grow their knowledge of the schools' Christian foundation, mission, and understanding of best practices with digital devices.