Pacific Group of Christian Schools

Pacif­ic Online Chris­t­ian School is a part of the Pacif­ic Group of Chris­t­ian Schools — a dynam­ic and con­tin­u­al­ly expand­ing com­mu­ni­ty of Chris­t­ian Educators.

Dr EJ Boyce - Executive Principal

Dr EJ Boyce

As technology continues to evolve, so does the nature of delivery of Teaching and Learning in the school setting. What needs to remain paramount is that we approach innovation from a Christian perspective. This in essence is what Pacific Online Christian School is designed to achieve. We want to improve the outcomes of our school communities in the spirit of collaboration, well-being, perseverance, and creativity.

Pacific Online Christian School seeks to be a collaborative effort between the Pacific Group of Christian Schools delivering quality education. As we continue to grow, we want to utilize the strengths of technology being mindful that there will always be concerns with the misuse of technology. We take technology very seriously, yet as with all good things, they are gifts from God. Our intention as we establish our online school, is to bring glory to God.

From Local To Global

What is now a community of campuses across New South Wales – from Tweed Heads to the Hunter Valley to Sydney – began very humbly as a class of eight students with one teacher.

That fledgling school was the vision of John and Robyn Odell and a group of Christian parents who wanted their children to be educated in an authentic Bible-based community. A place where they would receive curriculum learning alongside the development of their faith and their God-given giftings.

It started in a rented room in 1979 and by 1985 had moved to much larger premises on an acreage to accommodate the rapidly growing cohort of students. That was the year that Dr Ted Boyce was appointed as Principal and since then he and the leadership team have grown the community to include multiple campuses.

Mainstream schools have been joined by Hope Schools for children with learning disabilities and the first of many Aboriginal schools.

Global Footprint

Beyond providing Christian community education to families throughout New South Wales, the Pacific Group of Christian Schools has a vision to support Christian Educators outside the Group.

Teachers from Pacific Group schools have been sent to many parts of the world to train their peers.

The Group pioneered the Global Christian Schools Network which provides resources and encouragement to schools in Europe, Asia, Britain, New Zealand and the South Pacific.