Known, Loved, Cared For

We are a Year 7-12 online learning community leveraging technology to create a high-quality Christian learning environment. Within our online Christian Community, students are known, loved, and cared for in a relational learning environment.

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Learn - Stage-4 YEARS-7-8

Stage 4


The early years of secondary schooling are vitally important in establishing learning routines and working towards a focus on critical thinking.

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Learn - Stage-5 YEARS-9-10

Stage 5

YEARS 9-10

Years 9 and 10 are crucial developmentally as students experience more flexibility in their pattern of learning and are encouraged to consolidate higher order thinking routines.

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Learn - Stage-6 YEAR-11

Stage 6


This year is the preliminary course of study, where students dive deeper into specific fields of focus in preparation for the Higher School Certificate.

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Learn - Single Courses



We seek to connect with students who are looking to complete a single subject in conjunction with a curriculum offered by their home school.

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Personal and Social Development

Students working together on a problem

Digital Discipleship

Building a community where students proactively seek ways to honour God in the online environment.

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Purposefully design lessons using resources that stimulate curiosity, where students develop and are encouraged to share their God-given talents.

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Academic Planning

Development of study skills and improving work habits with the aim of developing the behaviours of life-long learners.

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The PROSPER framework was developed to support students and teachers in their efforts to promote positive mental health, wellbeing and resilience.

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Students working together on a problem